Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guess who's back??!!

The alpacas are back at the Cross Mills' Public Library for the Charlestown Farmers' Market!!!!

We'll be there tomorrow morning with plenty of produce, meats, seafood, fibers, honey, bread, and deliciousness. Join us from 9am-noon!

(silly alpacas with a new haircut)

Monday, June 20, 2011

How often do you read the newspaper?

My morning routine tends to include a newspaper of sorts either electronic & paper-less or the hard copy. Many times it includes blogs and twitter re-caps of 140 characters. 

Thursday mornings in the summer tend to add one exciting step to the routine: searching for the Charlestown Farmers' Market ad. I completely forgot about the ad until this weekend. Quickly I searched for the Charlestown Press and flipped through the pages. Ta-da! The ad was in the Charlestown Press. This made the rainy Friday a little brighter.

(Find the Charlestown Farmers' Market ad in your local Charlestown Press)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Opening Day

The Charlestown Farmers' Market started its fourth season at the Cross Mills' Public Library this morning at 9am. Dressed in full rain gear, we had a good amount of market patrons visit and enjoy great local produce, seafood, meats, sorbets, coffee, and pastries. The pitter-patter of rain drops on the tents, along with the great music, made for a pleasant morning. 
(Our rainy opening day: filled with music, laughter, and great local foods!)

The moment the cinnamon buns and scones arrived, everyone lined up at Isis's booth for breakfast and Mike's coffee from Mills' Creek. With fathers' day around the corner, many people were picking up fresh oysters and littlenecks from Ninigret Oyster and grilling meats from Browning Homestead. One market patron even got "drive-up delivery" from Burnside Acres for plants! The great surprise today was the newest addition of gelato and sorbet from One Love Farms. Some delicious flavors include: Banana Caramel (tastes just like Bananas Foster) to Chocolate Hazelnut to Mixed Berry. We're so happy that the summer farmers' market season has arrived!!

Next week we will have our full line-up of vendors including fresh honey from South County Honey and meats from Stoney Hill to name a few. We hope to see you at the market on Friday!

-Your Charlestown Land Trust

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So much going on in Charlestown for the Farmers' Market

This week has been quite the adventure. We have prepared the newsletter (pick one up at the market!), met with farmers, sent emails, gotten training to accept WIC, and made signs, lots and lots of signs. I'd like to think that each week brings new challenges and opportunities for the Charlestown Land Trust as we prepare the Charlestown Farmers' Market from location changes to security detail costs.

In the past two weeks, I've had over 5 different people ask me: Why is the Charlestown Land Trust involved in a farmers' market? and Why is the Charlestown Land Trust organizing a farmers' market?

Two very important questions that I'm sure we've all asked ourselves. The answer involves the Charlestown Land Trust's mission. The Charlestown Land Trust is interested in protecting open space for the benefit of all. Farmers actively use and protect open space through growing crops and raising animals. It seems very fitting for both the Charlestown Land Trust and the local farmers to work together towards "protecting open space for the benefit of all". The Charlestown Land Trust organizes the Charlestown Farmers' Market to promote the local farmers and what they do with open space. In supporting the Charlestown Land Trust, you also support the local farmers through the Charlestown Farmers' Market. 

When you're at the farmers' market at the Cross Mills' Public Library, visit us at our booth and learn more about what the Charlestown Land Trust does in your community. If you're interested in helping with the farmers' market, let us know! 

-Your Charlestown Land Trust

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Guess what just arrived in South County?!

Yes!!!!! They are here!!!!!!!!!!

After weeks of anticipation, multiple drafts, and approvals: the Charlestown Farmers' Market posters have arrived!! The posters, bookmarks, and bumper stickers have been picked up. The posters are so colorful and festive, we might just frame one and put it in the office! In the next few days you'll find posters throughout town, announcing the fantastic, original, and authentic Charlestown Farmers' Market. If you spot a poster, take a picture with it, and email it to us... we will send you a surprise!! 
(The festive Charlestown Farmers' Market poster. Thanks FarmFreshRI for the fantastic job!!)

We are sooo excited for these posters because they remind us that the market is only a few weeks away. Hope to see your smiling faces at the market at both the Cross Mills' Public Library and at Falcone Field!

-Your Charlestown Land Trust